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Codelco is a world-class company and as such it has been able to respond duly and on time to the global transformations that have taken place in terms of sustainability. See our Sustainability approach here.

Our sustainability strategy is driven by six commitments by 2030, where we set priorities to face this urgent challenge and help minimize climate change, certain environmental impacts and build community relationships. This means taking charge of our goal as a company, boost sustainable development in the Chilean mining industry, with clear goals and timelines. 

We have established specific objectives that target our carbon footprint, water footprint, circular economy, airborne particulate reductions, standards for tailings storage facilities and territorial / community development with an emphasis on social value. Find out our 2030 targets in our Sustainable Development Commitments.

We have been reporting our Sustainability performance since 1999, and since 2001, these reports have been developed under the international standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which allows us to deliver comparable indicators at a national and international level, as well as measure our performance in the extractive industry. You can check the Sustainability chapter of our 2022 Comprehensive Report here.